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FL-Bond II is a 2-step, self-etching, radiopaque, fluoride releasing adhesive system featuring a unique Primer and Bonding Agent to provide an excellent bond to both enamel and dentin with a secure marginal seal for a wide range of anterior and posterior restorations. The FL-Bond II PRIMER contains a new effective adhesion promoting monomer and is acetone free with no incorporation of HEMA to minimize odour and post operative sensitivity. It contains the S-PRG filler (Surface Pre-Reacted Glass-ionomer), which helps to reinforce the bonding interface between the restorative material and tooth structure.

• 6th Generation bonding system with a HEMA-free and Acetone-free primer to minimize odour and post-operative sensitivity with excellent bond strength to enamel and dentin for long-term bond durability
• Incorporation of enhanced adhesive monomer and unique photo initiator
assures a balanced bonding to both enamel and dentin FL-Bond II is radiopaque and biocompatible
• Ideal viscosity of the bonding agent enables uniform application without pooling at the cavity floor
• The bonding agent contains specially modified S-PRG fillers that
release cariostatic fluoride to stimulate remineralization of the tooth in areas prone to demineralization, controls bacterial colonization and increases acid resistance
• Excellent handling and short application time of 3S seconds only


  • Adhesive bonding of any composite to tooth structure
  • Pre-treatment of the tooth structure prior to the application of resin cements
  • Repair of restorations
  • Restoration of deep cavities
  • Restoration of hypersensitive and exposed root surface


Excellent Handling and Short Application Time: The self-etching primer prepares the enamel and dentin surfaces by modifying the smear layer while eliminating the need for separate etching with Phosphoric acid. All it takes is, 2 simple steps and in just 35 seconds the cavity is ready for immediate placement of restorative materials.

Ideal Viscosity & Reliable Adhesion: The unique S-PRG filler (Surface Pre-Reacted Glass-ionomer) in the bonding agent has an ideal viscosity to ensure uniform application with optimal polymerization on the marginal area and cavity walls to provide a secure marginal seal. unlike other single bottle bonding systems can be applied in a wide range of bond thickness 20~80µm while maintaining a stable bond strength.

Radiopacity for Accurate Diagnosis: This unique feature of bonding agent helps to clearly identify translucent areas in the radiograph seen between the radiopaque bond layer and the tooth.

Anti-Bacterial Effect for Added Protection: FL Bond II Bonding Agent contains 40% of specially developed fluoride releasing filler particles using the S-PRG Technology to add an extra level of protection against the inevitable microbial invasion via microleakage. It is reported that forms an acid resistant layer in and beneath the complex of resin-reinforced dentin (hybrid layer) due to the continuous release of cariostatic fluoride that stimulates the remineralization of areas prone to secondary caries.

Durable and Stable Bond Strength: The incorporation of an enhanced adhesive monomer and new photo initiator gives exceptionally balanced bonding to both enamel and dentin. The HEMA-free primer prevents the deterioration of the bonding interface due to hydrolysis that ensures long-term durability of the bond.

Key Specifications
Simple and quick 2-step handling
Optimal viscosity and adhesion
• Radiopacity for accurate diagnostics
Fluoride release and recharge
• Durable bonding strengths

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