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Paste for Orifice Detection and Chemical Enlargement of Root Canals

Basic Ingredients : Edta salts(17%),Carbamide Peroxide (10%), Paste Forming Agent

  • Detection and Chelation of Root canals
  • Lubricating Dental Instruments for Chemical and Mechanical Enlargement Of Root Canals
  • Effective lubricant for Endodontal Instruments
  • Excellent indication of Root Canal Bio Mechanical Preparation
  • Fast Penetration of Root Canal irrigant solution in to canals and Microtubules
  • Easily washed away with water
  • Effervense effect with Sodium Hypochlorite for Cleanliness
  • As Endodontic whitening material in non vital aesthetic area

Syringe (5ml), Ref no 001-02-005



SafeEndo Smart Prep Paste

The main component is EDTAsalts. After injection into dentine, EDTA forms a complex with dentine calcium, loosens the structure of hard tooth tissues, and makes easier the enlargement of the calcified and sclerous orifice of the canals, cleaning, and formation of hard accessible tooth canals. The lubricating agent is good for endodontic instruments. Water soluble Paste base allows easy and fast washing of the canals. The use of Smart Prep paste with Carbamide peroxide together with the solution of sodium hypochlorite makes a foam because of the active emission of chloride and oxygen. Dental product is produced for use in aggressive biological medium with a temperature range between 32°C and 42°C (in the oral cavity at the temperature
(37±1)°C and humidity 60-90 %).


  • Revealing and formation of root canal orifice
  • Lubricating of dental instruments during chemical and mechanical enlargement of root canals


  • Drug idiosyncrasy
  • Use with great care for the allergic patient
  • Do not misuse

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SafeEndo Smart Prep EDTA Paste


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