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Ultradent Viscostat™ Clear is a revolutionary hemostatic gel designed to enhance dental procedures with its advanced formulation and precise application. Incorporating a potent blend of Aluminum Chloride at concentrations of 25% for Viscostat™ Clear and 12% for Astringedent™ Clear, this gel offers exceptional hemostatic efficacy for a range of dental applications. Its primary role lies in facilitating sulcus retraction before impression-making, a critical step in ensuring accurate dental impressions. Additionally, the gel proves invaluable in controlling bleeding and gingival oozing during restorative and operative dentistry procedures.

The gel’s unique formulation ensures that it seamlessly integrates into various dental workflows, offering exceptional control and ease of use when used with the gingival retraction cord and the Dento Infusor.

For your ease and comfort, Viscostat Clear can be effortlessly applied using either the Metal Dento-Infusor™ tip with Comfort Hub™ or the Blue Mini™ Dento-Infusor™ tip. Regardless of your preferred application method, the result remains the same: efficient and precise hemostasis that paves the way for outstanding anterior restorations.


Sulcus retraction, bleeding control in restorative and operative dentistry

  • 25% Aluminum Chloride gel
  • Viscous, aqueous application
  • No residue or stain, esthetic use
  • Sulcus retraction & bleeding control
  • Various application methods
  • Facilitates cord insertion
  • Improves impression quality
  • Bleeding control for restorations
  • Short 1-3 minute contact time
  • Professional dental use
  • Non-epinephrine formula
  • Aluminum Chloride Content: 25%
  • Vehicle: Viscous, aqueous
  • Residue/Stain: Leaves no residue or stain
  • Ideal for: Esthetic zone

Ultradent Viscostat Clear Refill 1 Pack: (6408-1)

  • 1 x 1.2ml syringe
  • 2 x Delivery Tips

Ultradent ViscoStat Clear Indispense Refill (6408):

  • 1 x 30ml syringe

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Ultradent ViscoStat Clear Indispense Refill (6408), Ultradent Viscostat Clear Refill 1 Pack (6408-1)

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