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UltraSeal XT hydro is an innovative and advanced pit and fissure sealant designed to provide optimal protection for teeth against decay. It is a light-cured, radiopaque composite sealant that also contains fluoride, making it an excellent choice for patients seeking enhanced dental care.

One of the key features that set UltraSeal XT hydro apart from its competitors is its superior strength and wear resistance. This is attributed to its 53%-filled resin, which ensures a durable and long-lasting seal. Additionally, the sealant exhibits minimal polymerization shrinkage, reducing the risk of gaps and ensuring a more secure bond.

The application process of UltraSeal XT hydro is made easier and more effective with the use of the Inspiral Brush Tip. The sealant’s thixotropic nature means it naturally thins out as it is expressed from the tip, allowing it to effortlessly penetrate deep into the pits and fissures of the teeth. Once the desired placement is achieved, the shear thinning effect ceases, preventing the sealant from running or spreading before it can be properly light-cured.

The advanced hydrophilic chemistry of UltraSeal XT hydro is highly effective even in situations where all visible moisture has been removed. This makes the sealant forgiving of any remaining moisture that might be present deep inside the pits and fissures, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting seal. The inclusion of fluoride further contributes to enhanced protection against decay.

  • Hydrophilic chemistry
  • Advanced adhesive technology
  • Fluorescent properties
  • Highly filled resin
  • Thixotropic/ideal viscosity
  • Type: Light-Cured, Radiopaque, Fluoride-Releasing Sealant
  • Filler Content: 53%
  • Adhesive Technology: Advanced Hydrophilic
  • Polymerization Shrinkage: Reduced
  • Shade Options: Opaque
  • BPA Free
  • Fluorescing Properties
  • Radiopaque
  • 1 X 1.2ml Syringes

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Ultradent Ultraseal Xt Hydro Refill 1 Pk

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