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The RX Ease is formulated with an advanced DUAL technology which makes it an excellent Type II restorative glass ionomer with a magnitude of indications. The advancement comprises of improvisations of both the powder and liquid components which include incorporation of High Trans Fluoroaluminosilicate Glass (HT Glass) in the powder and the High Functional Polycarboxylic acid Co Polymer in the liquid which result in an enhanced optical & physical properties of the material.

The High Functional Polycarboxylic Acid Copolymer technology allows its blending into the liquid material at significantly higher concentrations when compared to conventional acrylic acid homopolymer and thereby produces high density ionic crosslinks between polycarboxylic acid and multivalent metal ions thus enhancing the overall mechanical strength, acid resistance and bond strength.
The High Trans Fluoroaluminosilicate Glass (HT Glass) technology increases the translucency of the material allowing it to blend well with the remaining tooth structure and contributing to the overall aesthetics.
The HT Glass also has a very high glass ionomer reaction i.e acid-base reaction with polycarboxylic acid which adds to a very sharp setting of the material thus allowing a quick and easy shape modification & polishability.
• A new enhanced anterior restorative cement specially designed for Class Ill, Class V, Cervical Erosion / Abrasion and Pedodontic restorations
The Yellow Brown shade is suitable for most cases with optimized translucency and improved physical properties
• Improved version with better mechanical properties and handling characteristics for better clinical performance
• Co-efficient of thermal expansion similar to natural tooth for a remarkable marginal integrity
High Fluoride release provides a cutting edge in prevention of secondary canes Radiopaque and biocompatible

Indications :
• Anterior Class III & Class V restorations including cervical erosions, root abrasions and
wedge shaped defects
• Pediatric and geriatric restorations
• Provisional or transient restorations
• Minimally Invasive restorations
• Posterior fillings which include non-load bearing Class I & Class II restorations

Key Specifications

Powder : Liquid Ratio w/w2.4g : 1.1g1 scoop powder : 1 drop liquid
Mixing Time (23°C)45’’From start of mixing
Working Time (23°C)2’ 00’’From start of mixing
Setting Time (37°C)2’ 20’’From start of mixing
Polishing Start Time6’ 00’’From start of mixing

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