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Maarc Inlay/Onlay Pattern Wax are type-1 waxes which soften at a temperature that is not hazardous to the dental pulp tissue, hence can be used to prepare patterns of indirect-restorations in the patient’s mouth by direct-wax technique. They have uniform workability over a wide temperature range and facilitate accurate adaptation to the prepared cavity.

Ideal wax with excellent plasticity for modeling of complicated preparations such as inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.

Type I wax = a medium wax that is used for forming direct patterns in the mouth.

Type II wax = a soft wax that is used as an indirect technique wax.


  • For modelling crowns and bridges
  • For creating inlays and onlays
Pattern No.1 OrangeFor Dipping
Pattern No.2 RedFor Built – up
Pattern No.3 BlueMedium Built – up wax
Pattern No.4 GreenHard Pattern wax
Pattern No.5 VoiletHard Built – up wax
Pattern No.6 CoffeeCopying wax
Pattern No.7 MagentaFor Margin
Pattern No.8 OrangeFlowing Hard Wax


  • The basic classification from our side is being done based on hardness and stiffness and flow of waxes.
  • Softer waxes with high flow are more flexible and are often used
  • Flexible
  • Fit perfectly in cervical areas
  • High adaptation
  • Stability to surfaces

Key Specifications

PackingProduct CodeDescription
Cervical Wax (1) Orange (200g)2401/200Soft type with degree of fluidity that will allow it to flow and fit perfectly in cervical areas, high adaptation and stability to surfaces. It will wet model surface without shrinkage.
Cervical Wax (2) Red  (200g)2402/200Harder than orange wax.
Cervical Wax (3) Blue (200g)2403/200Standard inlay wax wherein the pattern comes out easily from the plaster surface.
Cervical Wax (4) Green (200g)2404/200Harder than red wax used where hard pattern waxes are preferred.
Cervical Wax (5) Violet (200g)2405/200Harder than green wax – used for copying of patterns to add mechanical strength and as undercut wax.
Cervical Wax (6) Coffee (200g)2406/200Used for undercuts and adding mechanical stability to wax patterns of jacket crowns.
Cervical Wax (7) Magenta (200g)2407/200Hard inlay wax. With medium flow for built up.
Orange Inlay Wax (200g)2408/200A white, enamel-like wax used to make a more aesthetic case presentation (wax-up). Easy carving properties. Also aids in the fabrication of temporaries.


  • 1 x Pattern Wax ( 200gm box )

Additional information

Weight0.500 kg
MAARC Pattern Wax

No. 1 – Orange (2401), No. 2 – Red (2402), No. 3 – Blue (2403), No. 4 – Green (2404), No. 5 – Violet (2405), No. 6 – Coffee (2406), No. 7 – Magenta (2407), No. 8 – Orange (2408)

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