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The FGM Whiteness HP Blue 1 Patient Kit, an advanced hydrogen peroxide whitening gel designed for in-office dental use. This professional-grade product offers exceptional whitening results with several unique features that set it apart from traditional whitening treatments. The kit includes a syringe coupling system that allows for easy mixing of the gel’s two phases, ensuring perfect homogeneity. This feature ensures a stable and alkaline pH during application, which not only increases the gel’s effectiveness but also minimizes sensitivity for the patient. Additionally, the self-catalyzed system within the exclusive formula eliminates the need for external sources of acceleration, making the process more efficient and convenient.

One of the standout benefits of the Whiteness HP Blue gel is its extended contact time with teeth, as it can remain in place for up to 40 minutes without needing replacement. Throughout the entire session, the product maintains a stable pH level, ensuring consistent and reliable results. Moreover, the gel contains calcium, a key component that significantly reduces enamel microhardness decay, preserving the integrity of the teeth. For dental professionals, the kit offers pre-measured portions of the thickener and peroxide phases, packaged in syringes, streamlining the preparation process and saving valuable time. The measured amount is precisely calibrated to cover the smile line on both dental arches, eliminating any waste and ensuring optimal usage during each treatment.

Visual control during the whitening process is made easier, as the product does not change color throughout the application. This allows dental practitioners to monitor the progress and adjust treatment if necessary, ensuring the best possible outcomes for their patients.

  • 35% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel
  • Single application per session with stable and alkaline pH
  • Lower sensitivity compared to standard whitening gels
  • Extended contact time of up to 40 minutes without replacement
  • Contains calcium, preserving enamel integrity and reducing decay in microhardness
  • Syringe coupling system for easy mixing and perfect homogeneity
  • Self-catalyzed system for increased activity and efficiency, no external acceleration needed
  • Hydrogen peroxide whitening gel at 35% concentration
  • A single application per session with stable and alkaline pH
  • Lower sensitivity compared to traditional whitening gels
  • The gel can remain in contact with teeth for up to 40 minutes without replacement
  • Contains calcium, reducing enamel microhardness decay and preserving enamel integrity
  • Syringe coupling system for easy mixing of the two gel phases, ensuring perfect
  • 6 sets of syringes (1.2g per set, 7.2g of gel in total)
  • 1 X Bottle with 2g of Neutralize (neutralizing solution for peroxide)
  • 1 X Syringe of Top dam with 2g
  • 6 X Syringe coupling devices
  • 12 X Applicator tips.

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