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Anabond Desmear

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A liquid solution of ethylene diaminete traacetic acid (EDTA) used to chemically soften the root canal dentine and dissolve the smear layer, as well as to increase dentine permeability.
Irrigation of the root canal with 15-17% EDTA solutions to dissolve the smear layer .
17% ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid solution, which is buffered to neutral pH.
It is used to simplify the instrumental treatment of root canals.
EDTA works by reacting with the mineral components of the hard tissues of the tooth.
The chelating agent EDTA softens the tissues, decalcifying the canal walls.
It facilitates the mechanical preparation of the root canal and further removal of the smear layer,
which opens dentin tubules.

For Debridement of root canals.

  • 1 x EDTA 17% Solution
  • Removes smear layer from canal walls.
  • Leaves the dentinal tubules free of organic matter.
  • Aids in mechanical shaping of the canal.
  • 150 ml bottle


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