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The Bowie dick test is a pack of several layers of sheets in the middle of which is placed the test sheet containing the chemical ink.

  1. Place the test pack inside the autoclave close to the vacuum pump.
  2. The test corresponds to a sterilization cycle (3.5Minutes at a temperature of 1340C).
  3. At the end of the test check the heat- Sensitive ink on the corner of the Bowie dick test packaging, which gives an initial indication as to whether the test has worked.
  4. Open The pack and check the middle test sheet carefully.

The ink has turned completely black. The test was successfully exposed to a sterilization cycle (1340C for 3.5Minutes). The autoclave is functioning correctly.

The system offered by the Bowie Dick provides completely.

Simply enter the information for the sterilization cycle (Date, Cycle No…..) Plus the details of the autoclave in the space Indicated.

It is advised that you keep a summary file of all tests carried out.


10 pieces in box

Additional information

Weight1.000 kg
Dimensions20 × 10 × 15 mm

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