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CD16 / Multi-variable Chemical Indicators, double card strips printed with reactive ink for Ethylene Oxide sterilization processes. Metals Free.

Control of Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilization processes. Conditions: 600 mg/l EO, RH 60%, 30 °C, 30 minutes // 600 mg/l EO, RH 60%, 54 °C, 20 minutes.


Type 4 Chemical Indicator (according to ISO 11140-1). Double punched card strips printed with indicator ink.

Size: 200 x 15 mm.

Initial color: Purple/brown.

Final color: Green.

100 % Toxic Heavy Metals free.

Instructions for Use

1. Place a Chemdy® CD16 Multivariable Process Indicator within each package, bag or tray that will be sterilized by Ethylene Oxide. In rigid containers, place the indicator in every corner, or at least two diagonally opposite corners, to ensure mthat the sterilization agent has reached the most inaccessible areas.

2. Perform the sterilization cycle.

3. After the sterilization process has finished, remove the indicators from the sterilizer and analyze the results. For all the chemical indicators exposed to Ethylene Oxide, the ink must turn to the green reference color when the sterilization parameters are reached.


250 double or 500 single Strips / Pack



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CD-16 - Type-4, Multivariable process indicator For monitoring for Ethylene Oxide sterilization processes


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