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The Woodpecker Endo Gold Endomotor is a specialized device used in Endodontic treatment, specifically during root canal procedures. Its primary function is to mold and clean the root canal for effective treatment. The Endomotor offers several advantages and features that contribute to its efficiency and usability. One notable feature is the OLED display, which provides clear visibility and enhances user experience. The display shows various important parameters and settings, including customized program sequences numbered from 1 to 9, operation mode, battery consumption, set speed, set torque, file system, and real-time torque. This comprehensive display allows the dentist or endodontist to have precise control over the treatment process.

The Woodpecker Endo Gold Endomotor is indicated for shaping root canals during root canal treatment. It offers advantages over traditional hand files by utilizing rotary endodontics, which
enhances efficiency and precision. The wireless handpiece feature of the Endomotor enables convenient operation. It incorporates real-time feedback technology and dynamic torque control, which effectively prevents needle breakage during procedures. The device also offers storage for 9 user-defined modes, allowing easy access to personalized settings. Under each mode, options such as Continuous Rotation Mode, Reciprocating Motion Mode, and Reverse Rotation can be selected.


OLED display

  • Customized program sequence number 1-9, total 9 programs
  • Operation mode
  • Battery consumption
  • Set speed
  • Set torque
  • File system
  • Operation mode
  • Torque setting
  • Real-time torque

a) Clockwise rotation: Load value is lower than preset torque value
b) Counterclockwise rotation: Load value is higher than preset torque value.


  • The device is suitable for shaping the root canals during root canal treatment & an advantage in replacing the hand files to rotary endodontics.
  • Wireless handpiece enables more convenient operation.
  • Adopt real-time feedback technology and dynamic torque control, effectively preventing needle breakage.
  • Storage of 9 user-defined modes allows invocation at any time. Under each mode, Continuous Rotation Mode, Reciprocating Motion Mode, and Reverse Rotation are options.


BatteryLithium battery in handpiece: 3.7V /1400mAh
Power adapter
Input: ~100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz 0.4A Max
Output: DC5V/1A
Torque0.6Ncm-5.0Ncm(6mNm ~ 50mNm)
Rotate speed100rpm~1000rpm
Environment temperature+5°C ~ +40°C
Relative humidity30% ~ 75%
Atmospheric pressure70kPa ~ 106kPa


  • This equipment should be stored in a room where the relative humidity is 10% ~ 93%, atmospheric pressure is 70kPa to106kPa, and the temperature is -20°C ~ +55°C.
  • Avoid storage in a too hot condition. High temperature will shorten the life of electronic components, damage battery, reshape or melt some plastic.
  • Avoid the storage in a too cold condition. Otherwise, when the
    temperature of the equipment increases to a normal level, there will be dew that will possibly damage PCB board.

Oiling of contra-angle:

Only the original oil injection nozzle can be used for oiling of contra-angle. After disinfection of contra-angle and before sterilization, oiling should be conducted under high pressure and high temperature.

  • screw the injecting nozzle into jet of oil bottle. (Around 10
  • Plug the nozzle into the end part of contra-angle, and then
    grease the contra-angle for 2-3s till the oil flow out of contra-angle head
  • Vertically place the end part of contra-angle or tilt the contra-angle to
    let go the redundant oil under gravity.
  • 1 x Endomotor Handpiece
  • 1 x Charging Base
  • 1 x Contra-angle
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Lubricator
  • Instructional Manual
  • Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 1 Year against manufacturing defect
  • Physical damage is not cover in any case
  • Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product.
  • Alpha Dentkart will not be liable to replace the Products and the liability to replace any such Product is that of the Manufacturer/Importer
  • Alpha Dentkart and the Buyer acknowledge that the Products purchased/used are a subject matter of original Manufacturer/Importer’s warranties only.
  • Any or all claims in relation to returns and replacement shall be made to the concerned Manufacturer/Importer only and Alpha Dentkart may assist the customer in registering a request to get the Product replaced or serviced.
  • The Buyer acknowledges that the Products once sold will not be exchanged or taken back unless the seal of the package or the Product is intact or not altered in any manner or is not tampered as the case may be.

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