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Waldent Obturation Pen System is a Cordless system used for Warm Vertical Compaction while doing RCT. Using Obturation Pen, one applies pressure in a vertical direction to the heat softened gutta percha and thereby causes it to flow and to fill the entire lumen of the canal.


– Slim design, light body, comfortable grip to reduce your exhaustion and easy handling.
– The needle type and temperature mode can be adjustable, make the gutta point more compact.
– Short heating time, up to 150 degree within 2s
– Adopting gutta percha vertical condensation technology
– Double batteries, convenient to replace, saving chairside time


– A continuous tapering funnel should be present from the root canal orifice to the root apex.
– Root canal should be prepared so that it flows with the shape
– Shape of Apical foramen should not be changed or moved.
– Apical foramen should be kept as small as is practical so that excess gutta percha will not be forced through it during vertical compaction


1) Design

Simple design

Convenience in application

2) Tips

Four Tips – F, FM, M, ML

F: #45/02, FM: #50/04, M: #55/06, ML: #55/08

3) Time & Temperature

Needle type & temperature mode can be adjusted making the gutta percha point more contact

Short heating time, up to 150 degree within 2s

4) Technique

Vertical condensation technology

5) Charging

Double batteries to replace, convenient use

6) Disinfection

Autoclavable Tips

  • 1 x Obturation Pen
  • 1 x Charging Base
  • 1 x Adaptor
  • 2 x Batteries
  • 4 x Tips (F, FM, M, ML)

No Warranty

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