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Ultrapak cord is made of 100% cotton this exceptional dental accessory redefines tissue displacement, allowing you to achieve unparalleled results in your procedures.

Crafted through an intricate knitting process, the Ultrapak Cord is composed of thousands of delicate loops, seamlessly interlocked to form extended chains. This unique knitted design brings forth a gentle and continuous outward force once positioned, as the intricate loops naturally seek expansion. This transformative feature ensures optimal tissue displacement, all within a remarkable timespan of just 5 minutes.

The Ultrapak Cord’s brilliance lies in its efficiency in achieving detailed margins and high-quality impressions. It simplifies the often intricate task of packing, surpassing conventional twisted or braided cords by staying in place with unmatched reliability. Its distinctive attribute of compression upon packing, followed by expansion for ideal retraction, establishes a new standard in tissue management. Designed to provide ultimate convenience and practicality, the Ultrapak Cord effortlessly complements your workflow. Unlike alternatives, its sleek construction prevents entanglement in diamond burs, further streamlining your procedure. Vibrant and bright colors not only enhance visibility but also simplify location and removal.

With the option of including racemic epinephrine hydrochloride, the Ultrapak Cord takes innovation to new heights. This impregnated variant enhances its already remarkable capabilities, ensuring optimal results even in challenging scenarios.

Practicality meets precision with the Ultrapak Cord’s ingenious features. Equipped with a high-carbon steel blade, its clean-cut technology guarantees a seamless edge upon usage. The thoughtfully designed thin plastic gate prevents any chance of the cord falling into the bottle, while a discreet ruler imprinted on the label aids in precise cord measurement.

Enter the realm of efficient cord cutting with the Ultrapak CleanCut design. Featuring a blade within the cap, this innovative addition ensures swift and effortless cord separation. Additionally, the specialized dispensing orifice prevents the cord from accidentally falling into the bottle, preserving the integrity of the product.

  • The original—and smallest—knitted cord
  • Provides rapid tissue displacement, detailed margins, and quality impressions
  • Facilitates easy packing and stays placed better than any twisted or braided cord
  • Compresses upon packing then expands for optimal retraction
  • Does not entangle in diamond bur
  • Bright colors facilitate easy location and removal
  • Available with or without epinephrine*​
  • High carbon steel blade ensures a clean cut
  • Thin plastic gate prevents cord from falling into the bottle upon cutting
  • Ruler printed on label provides easy cord measurement​
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Cord Design: Knitted loops interlocked in chains
  • Tissue Displacement Time: Optimal in 5 minutes
  • Cutting Blade: High carbon steel blade for clean cuts
  • Cord Measurement Aid: Ruler printed on label for easy measurement
  • Cutting Innovation: Ultrapak CleanCut design with blade in cap

 Ultradent Ultrapak Cord:

  • 1 x Bottle of cord (8ft/244cm)

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Ultradent Ultrapak Cord #0 (Purple and White) (131), Ultradent Ultrapak Cord #00 (Black and Yellow) (136), Ultradent Ultrapak Cord #000 (Black and Purple) (137), Ultradent Ultrapak Cord #1 (132), Ultradent Ultrapak Cord #2 (133)

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