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The Ultradent Sable Seek Syringe – a revolutionary advancement in dental care that redefines the way dental procedures are conducted, optimizing visualization and streamlining cavity preparation with unparalleled precision. Meticulously engineered to prioritize both clinical excellence and patient comfort, this innovative caries indicator sets new benchmarks in dental diagnostics and treatment.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Ultradent Sable Seek Syringe boasts a sophisticated design that seamlessly blends form and function. Its cutting-edge technology employs a blend of FD&C dyes within an aqueous glycol base, resulting in a captivating dark green hue. This distinctive coloration serves as a powerful tool in the dentist’s arsenal, facilitating the identification of demineralized dentin with exceptional clarity.

Where conventional methods might falter, the Ultradent Sable Seek Syringe shines. Its unique staining mechanism brings forth a heightened contrast between healthy and demineralized dentin, rendering even the most challenging areas remarkably visible. The precision-driven application of this indicator comes to the fore when navigating intricate spaces, such as those beneath overhanging enamel in Class I, II, or III preparations, as well as along the DE junction of the preparation.

Confidence is paramount in dentistry, and the Ultradent Sable Seek Syringe plays a pivotal role in fostering it. By offering dental professionals a clear and vivid demarcation of compromised tissue, it empowers them to execute meticulous and accurate tissue removal. The result? A proactive approach that safeguards against the inadvertent excavation of deep caries, a potential pitfall that could otherwise lead to unwarranted exposure of the pulp.

  • Enhanced visualization with dark green color
  • Precise application via mess-free syringe
  • Targets hard-to-see demineralized dentin
  • Prevents over-excavation, reducing pulp exposure risk
  • Potential for remineralization in deeper areas
  • Streamlines root canal orifice location
  • Caries Indicator Type: FD&C Dyes In Aqueous Glycol Base
  • Chemical Color: Dark Green
  • Application Areas: Under overhanging enamel (Class I, II, III preparations); Along DE junction of preparation

Ultradent Sable Seek Syringe Refill 1pk:

  • 1 x 1.2ml Syringe

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Ultradent Sable Seek Syringe Refill 1Pk

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