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Ultradent Opalustre, is the ultimate solution for addressing those pesky superficial white and brown decalcification imperfections caused by enamel mottling, including those arising from fluorosis. Unveiling a revolutionary approach to dental care, Opalustre presents a state-of-the-art formula that combines the power of 6.6% hydrochloric acid slurry and the finesse of silicon carbide microparticles.
Bid farewell to enamel irregularities as Opalustre orchestrates a harmonious dance of chemical stain removal and delicate mechanical abrasion. Enriched with hydrochloric acid, this potent amalgamation demonstrates its prowess in eradicating stains while preserving the integrity of your enamel. The secret lies in the meticulous synergy between the chemical components and the gentle mechanical action, resulting in flawlessly polished teeth that regain their natural vibrancy.
 Harness the magic of Opalustre’s transformative prowess with the OpalCups, expertly designed bristle polishing cups that effortlessly glide over the newly treated enamel surface. Say goodbye to imperfections and welcome the radiant charm of your rejuvenated smile.
For those seeking a comprehensive dental enhancement journey, consider pairing Opalustre with Opalescence teeth whitening products. This harmonious collaboration could potentially render the need for an Opalustre abrasion slurry treatment obsolete, offering a streamlined dental care approach. When incorporating Opalustre into your dental regimen, bear in mind the optimal timeframe for a bonding procedure after teeth whitening. Allow 7-10 days for the reactive oxygen to disperse from your teeth, ensuring an ideal foundation for any subsequent bonding endeavors.
Witness the enchantment of one-appointment results as Opalustre diligently works its magic. Embrace the reassurance of minimal enamel removal, with less than 0.2mm being delicately refined, preserving the structural integrity of your teeth.
Opalustre transcends conventional dental care with its direct delivery mechanism, ensuring a mess-free and effortlessly precise application. The OpalCups further enhance this experience by minimizing splatter, providing a polished touch to the overall treatment process.
As a testament to its innovative stature, Opalustre stands as a “practice-building” product, offering a unique dimension to your dental offerings. Elevate your practice’s offerings and set the stage for smiles that radiate confidence and beauty.
Removal of Superficial White and Brown Decalcification Imperfections due to Enamel Mottling, including Fluorosis
  • One-appointment results
  • Removes superficial white and brown stains
  • Provides minimally invasive treatment for fluorosis
  • Hydrochloric acid aids in chemical stain removal
  • Silicon carbide microparticles provide gentle mechanical abrasion
  • Less than 0.2mm enamel removal
  • Comes in a direct delivery for an easy and mess-free technique
  • Autoclavable OpalCups minimize splatter
  • The unique offering is a “practice building” product
  • Opalustre is gluten-free and kosher certified
  • Active Ingredients: 6.6% Hydrochloric Acid Slurry with Silicon Carbide Microparticles
  • Mechanism of Action: Chemical Stain Removal and Gentle Mechanical Abrasion
  • Enamel Removal: Less than 0.2 mm

Ultradent Opalustre 1 x 1.2ml Syringe:

  • 1 x 1.2ml Opalustre syringes

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Ultradent Opalustre 1 x 1.2ml Syringe

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