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The OpalDam Green Gingival Barrier is an innovative and effective solution designed to enhance in-office tooth whitening procedures. Crafted from a high-quality methacrylate-based resin, this barrier serves as a reliable safeguard, isolating sensitive gingiva and neighboring teeth during the whitening process.

The defining feature of OpalDam Green is its vibrant and distinctive green color. This coloration is thoughtfully chosen to provide exceptional visibility, enabling easy and precise application to ensure complete coverage. The intense green hue contrasts sharply against both gingiva and teeth, ensuring that the barrier is applied precisely where it’s needed, resulting in a thorough and secure isolation of the treatment area.

Applying OpalDam Green is a breeze, thanks to its viscous and easy-to-handle solution. This viscosity facilitates swift and smooth application onto the targeted tissues, significantly reducing preparation times. The efficient and effortless application process streamlines in-office procedures, allowing dental professionals to work efficiently while maintaining the quality of the treatment.

OpalDam Green’s formulation boasts excellent adhesion properties, offering a secure and dependable seal around the treatment area. Its passive adhesive nature ensures that it adheres firmly to the tissues, effectively preventing any unwanted leakage of the whitening agents. This seal not only guarantees successful isolation but also safeguards neighboring teeth during single-tooth whitening procedures.


  • For single tooth bleaching, OpalDam should be used to protect adjacent teeth.
  • OpalDam is light-cured and light-reflecting to keep heat away from the tissues. A few seconds of light curing (10–20 sec) per tooth are sufficient. Thoroughly dry the gingiva prior to applying OpalDam.
  • OpalDam can also be used to protect hard and soft tissues in procedures such as sandblasting or etching with strong acids (e. g., porcelain repair procedure). It may also be used to seal/fix a rubber dam
  • Protects soft tissue with an impervious seal
  • Removes easily
  • Applies directly
  • Certified gluten-free
  • Composition: Methacrylate-based resin
  • Color: Vibrant green for enhanced visibility
  • Purpose: Isolation of gingiva and neighboring teeth during tooth whitening procedures
  • Adhesion: Passively adhesive for secure sealing

Ultradent OpalDam Green Refill 1PK:

  • 1x 1.2ml Syringe

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Ultradent OpalDam Green Refill 1PK

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