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The Ultradent Enamelast Unit-Dose Kit is a dental product designed to provide effective relief for tooth hypersensitivity. It is a fluoride varnish that comes in a convenient, single-use blister pack, making it easy to apply and ensuring hygienic usage for each patient. Enamelast boasts a unique formula featuring a patented adhesion-promoting agent, enabling enhanced retention, superior fluoride release, and uptake.

The varnish is made with a smooth, non-gritty texture and a nearly invisible appearance, making it comfortable and discreet for patients during and after application. To cater to different preferences, it is available in four delightful flavors: Walterberry, Orange Cream, Cool Mint, and Bubble Gum.

Indicated for the treatment of tooth hypersensitivity, Enamelast fluoride varnish works by creating a mechanical occlusion of the dentinal tubules, effectively reducing sensitivity. It contains 5% sodium fluoride in a resin carrier, fortified with xylitol for added sweetness, making it more appealing to patients.

The Enamelast Unit-Dose Kit includes individual blister packs containing 0.4 ml of the fluoride varnish, ensuring precise dosage and easy application. For optimal results, the application process is straightforward and involves thoroughly brushing or polishing the teeth before placement. Then, a thin and smooth layer of Enamelast fluoride varnish is applied to as many tooth surfaces as possible.

  • Patented adhesion-promoting agent for enhanced retention
  • Superior fluoride release and uptake
  • Smooth, non-gritty texture
  • Nearly invisible appearance
  • Available in four delicious flavors: Walterberry, Orange Cream, Cool Mint, and Bubble Gum
  • Advanced Formulation with 5% Sodium Fluoride in a Resin Carrier
  • Unique Patented Adhesion-Promoting Agent for Enhanced Retention
  • Smooth, Non-Gritty Texture for Comfortable Application
  • Nearly Invisible Appearance for Discreet Use
  • Available in Four Delicious Flavors: Walterberry, Orange Cream, Cool Mint, and Bubble Gum
  • Indicated for Treating Tooth Hypersensitivity
  • Mechanical Occlusion of Dentinal Tubules for Relief
  • Convenient 0.4 ml Single-Use Blister Packs
  • Easy Application Process: Brush, Apply Thin Layer, and Avoid Specific Activities After Use
  • Composition: 5% Sodium Fluoride in a Resin Carrier
  • Adhesion-Promoting Agent: Patented for Enhanced Retention
  • Texture: Smooth and Non-Gritty
  • Patient-Friendly: Delightful Flavors and Comfortable Application
  • Compliance: Dispose of Waste According to Local Rules and Regulations

Ultradent Enamelast Walterberry Unit -Dose Kit 5Pack:

  • 5 x 0.4ml Walterberry Unit

Ultradent Enamelast Bubble Gum Unit -Dose Kit 5Pack:

  • 5 x 0.4ml Bubble Gum Unit

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Ultradent Enamelast Walterberry Unit -Dose Kit 5 Pack

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