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Shofu Super Snap Rainbow Technique Kit Ca is a comprehensive disposable disk system designed to provide fast, efficient, and safe finishing and polishing of all direct aesthetic restorative materials. The kit includes a complete range of disks in four different color-coded grits: Black, Violet, Green, and Red. These disks come in
both 12mm and 8mm diameter sizes, making them suitable for a variety of different restorations.
Each color-coded grit serves a specific purpose in the finishing and polishing process. The Black disks are designed for contouring, allowing for easy removal of excess restorative material and shaping of the restoration. The Violet disks are used for finishing, smoothing out any rough areas and preparing the surface for polishing.
The Green disks are for polishing, providing a smooth, shiny surface to the restoration. Finally, the Red disks are for superpolishing, giving the restoration a high-gloss finish.

• The unmounted Super-Snap Disks are designed with soft, safe plastic snap-on mounts for mandrels.
• Non-metal centre to prevent gouging or discolouration of composite surfaces.
Improved mandrel des ign with christmas tree shaped mount for retention and maximum control.
Mini disks provide perfect control when polishing cervical areas.

Key Specifications
• Includes 52 pieces in total: 40 disks and 12 strips
• Disks are available in 4 different color-coded grits: Black (coarse), Violet (medium-coarse), Green (medium-fine), and Red (fine)
• Disks come in both 12mm and 8mm diameters
Polystrips are available in 4 different color-coded grits that correspond to the grit of the disks
Polystrips are 4mm wide and can be used for interproximal finishing and
• Disks and strips are disposable for convenience and hygiene
• Designed for use on all types of direct aesthetic restorative materials,
including composites, glass ionomers, and resin-modified glass Ionomers.

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