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The Enamel Adjustment Kit is designed for intra-oral adjustments of natural dentition or porcelain and super polishing the adjusted surfaces.
Ideal for polishing after cosmetic contouring
The Enamel Adjustment Kit is indispensable in the dental practice for very fine adjustments of natural dentition or porcelain restorations and subsequent high gloss polishing in the patient’s mouth Indications
Use Dura-White stones in FL2, ROI and TCI shapes for adjusting
Use Ceramisté Standard for prepolishing
• Use Ceramisté Ultra (yellow band) for polishing
• Use Ceramisté Ultra II (white band) for high gloss polishing in Knife, Wheel and Bullet shapes

• Efficient kit designed for fine finishing and polishing of natural enamel as well as porcelain restorations
• Eliminates the need for re-glazing of the porcelain restoration, especially after chairside adjustment
• Dura White stones – Speed of S, 000
• Ceramiste points • Speed of 10,000
• Dura White Stones – Speed of 5,000
– 20,000 rpm
– 12,000 rpm
– 20,000 rpm

Key Specifications


Rotation Speed
Maximum Permissible
Rotation Speed
Recommended Pressure
Dura-White Stones5,000 – 20,000 min-130,000 min-12 N
Ceramisté10,000 – 12,000 min-120,000 min-11 – 2 N

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