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Shofu Composite Polishing Kit Ca
The Shofu Composite Polishing Kit CA is a dental polishing system designed to produce a high-quality finish on composite resin restorations. The kit contains a variety of polishing instruments, each with a specific shape and grit level, allowing for the effective and efficient finishing and polishing of composite restorations.
• Dura-Green silicon carbide stones for adjusting
• Dura-White aluminum oxide stones for finishing
Composite silicone points are impregnated with aluminum oxide for polishing
Composite Fine silicone points are impregnated with zirconia for fine polishing

versatility the kit is designed for use on a variety of composite resin restorations, including anterior and posterior restorations.
• Material composition: The polishing instruments are made from high- quality materials, including diamond particles, for efficient and effective finishing and polishing.
Color-coded The instruments are color-coded for easy identification and use, making it easy to select the appropriate instrument for the desired finish_ Comprehensive kit contents: The kit contains a variety of instruments, including cups, points, and discs, for comprehensive polishing and finishing of composite restorations.
• Compatibility: The kit is compatible with most dental handpieces, allowing for easy attachment and use.
• Efficient and effective: The kit is designed to work quickly and efficiently, reducing the time needed for finishing and polishing composite resin restorations.

Key Specifications
Recommended averagespeed:
• Dura Green Stones- 5,000 — 20,000 rpm
• Dura White Stones- 5,000 — 20,000 rpm
• Composite Polishers- 10,000 — 12,000 rpm
Composite Fine Polishers- 10,000 — 12,000 rpm

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