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CERARESIN BOND is a light-curing bonding system for repairs of fractured dental ceramic or resin restorations (prostheses) using resin material. It consists of two articles, BOND I and BOND II, CERARESIN BOND is intended for intraoral and extraoral repairs of restorations (prostheses) in conjunction with C&B composite resin, direct filling composite resin or acrylic resin. A 2-Step light cure bonding system is specifically designed to repair fractured porcelain or indirect composite resin restorations.
CERARESIN BOND is used as adhesive for:
Repairs of fractures in ceramic, direct or indirect composite resin restorations (pros- thesis) using direct or indirect composite resin (eg, repairs of facing crowns, veneers and implant superstructures) Repairs of fractures in artificial teeth (porcelain, hard resin or acrylic resin teeth) using direct or indirect composite resin I-Ise M.L. Primer (sold
separately) when the repair includes metal surface. (eg, repairs of metal- ceramic restorations)

• CeraResin Bond provides excellent bonding between ceramic and resin materials.
CeraResin Bond (CR8 1) – Acts as a silane coupling agent to prime feldspathic porcelain or indirect resin restoration
• CeraResin Bond (CRB 2) – A bonding agent that creates a strong and durable bond even with a thin and transparent bonding layer

Key Specifications
Ethanol, Silane coupling agent and others
Acetone, 4-AET, IJDMA, Polymerization initiator and others

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