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Shofu Beautifil II is the second generation Giomer which is light cure fluoride releasing direct aesthetic restorative material and is developed using S-PRG (Surface Pre Reacted Glass) fillers to provide superior aesthetics with excellent shade match and enhanced handling characteristics while maintaining strength & durability. The Basic Kit also provides an ideal bonding solution through the “Beautibond” which is a self- etch single bottle system consisting of the unique dual adhesive monomer technology. Its filler structure has been developed to stimulate the internal structure of the natural teeth with ideal light transmission and optical characteristics. On the surface of the tooth restored with Beautifil II a material film layer is formed by saliva that is reported to minimize plaque adhesion and inhibit bacterial colonisation.


  • The Beautifil II composites provide a sustainable fluoride release and recharge with anti- plaque effect.
  • Provides excellent shade stability and remarkable wear resistance
  • The light transmission and diffusion properties are similar to that of natural teeth and has an exceptional radiopacity
  • Reliable strength and longevity
  • Ideal handling properties with ease of use one touch cap system
  • Indicated for a range of cases which include direct cosmetic tooth modifications, restoration of Class I to V cavities, restoration of cervical erosion and root caries, repair of fractured incisal edges , as laminate veneers and core build-up
  • Selective range of shades present in the kit namely A1, A2, A3, B2 composites contribute to majority of the possible shade requirements
  • The Beautibond bonding system offers a single step application procedure with a short application time of 30 sec saving chair time
  • The HEMA free formulation eliminates post-operative sensitivity and minimizes gingival blanching
  • Dual adhesive monomers ensures secure and durable bond to enamel and dentin
  • Thin bubble free bonding layer of 5 microns allows excellent adaptability of the composite to the tooth


Direct restorations that require optimal aesthetics and biocompatibility, like :

  • Restorations of Class I – V cavities.
  • Restoration of cervical erosion and root caries.
  • Repair of fractured incisal edges.
  • Veneers and Core buildups.
  • Direct cosmetic tooth corrections.

Key Specification

  • Range of shades : A1, A2, A3, B2
  • HEMA free formulation; Reduced post operative sensitivety.
  • Dual adhesive monomers ensures secure and durable bond
  • Flexural Strength : 130 Mpa
  • Vickers Hardness : 62 Hv
  • Wear Resistance : 0.52 wt%
  • Filler Load : 83.3 wt%
  • Depth of Cure : 5.9 mm
  • Radiopacity : 3.4 Al : mm
  • Fluoride Release & Recharge : Yes

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