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SafeEndo – Smart Files (Rotary Endodontic Instrument)
NiTi Heat Activation

Oparation Type:Engine Use
Made of high quality NiTi alloy, after heat activation treatment
blue colour is derived
Blue file are flexible, tough, and pre-curved suitable for curved canals
More sharper and performs better for canal preparation
6pcs per pack, available for single or assorted sizes

Additional information

Weight0.500 kg

Smart Files Assorted 01-21mm, Smart Files Assorted 01-25mm, Smart Files Assorted 02-21mm, Smart Files Assorted 02-25mm, Smart File 0/9% 19mm, Smart File 15/3% 21mm, Smart File 15/3% 25mm, Smart File 17/4% 19mm, Smart File 17/4% 21mm, Smart File 17/4% 25mm, Smart File 20/3% 19mm 03% (Pedo), Smart File 20/4% 19mm (pedo), Smart File 20/4% 21mm, Smart File 20/4% 25mm, Smart File 20/6% 19mm(pedo), Smart File 20/6% 21mm, Smart File 20/6% 25mm, Smart File 25/4% 19mm(pedo), Smart File 25/4% 21mm, Smart File 25/4% 25mm, Smart File 25/6% 21mm, Smart File 25/6% 25mm, Smart File 30/4% 21mm, Smart File 30/4% 25mm, Smart File 30/6% 21mm, Smart File 30/6% 25mm, Smart File 35/4% 21mm, Smart File 35/4% 25mm, Smart File 35/6% 21mm, Smart File 35/6% 25mm, Smart File 40/4% 21mm, Smart File 40/4% 25mm, Smart File 40/6% 21mm, Smart File 40/6% 25mm, Protaper Assorted 21mm, Protaper Assorted 25mm, Protaper SX 19mm, Protaper S1 21mm, Protaper S1 25mm
Protaper S2 21mm, Protaper S2 25mm, Protaper F1 21mm, Protaper F1 25mm, Protaper F2 21mm, Protaper F2 25mm, Protaper F3 21mm, Protaper F3 25mm, Hand Protaper Assorted 21mm, Hand Protaper Assorted 25mm

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