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Safeendo ReCreate LC 5 Composite Kit

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Universal Light Curing Nano hybrid Composite Kit with total Etch Bond 5

  • Restoration of all cavity classes according to Black;
  • Core Build-ups;
  • Splinting;
  • Correction of composite restorations;
  • Fabrication of indirect restorations (inlays, onlays, veneers).


Universal restorative material ReCreateLC is a hybrid radiopaque light-cured composite. composite can be easily shaped, does not stick to the instrument, cured under 400-500 nm wavelengths light and polished to a “dry” shine. Material ReCreateLC has fluorescence, colour stability and radiopacity. In order to simulate dental tissues, material is produced in a wide range of VITA shades and has three levels of opacity: Universal light-curing restorative composite ReCreateLC is intended for use in aggressive biological medium at a temperature range from 32.C to 42.C (in oral cavity at the temperature of (37+_1).C and Humidity of 60-90%).


Syringe (4×4.5 gm)

ReCreate Bond 5 – 5ml

Smart Etch 5 ml &  Accessories

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