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Zical Root Canal Sealer is a Zinc Oxide Eugenol based sealer in powder- liquid form for permanent filling of root canals. This sealant has been specially designed to tightly seal the apex of the root and the prepared root canal. It can be easily removed along with Gutta Percha Point when refilling is necessary.
Zical is radiopaque, non staining, non irritating with excellent thermal insulation. Its long working time and lubricating qualities are additional features. Low zinc oxide contents of the composition alleviate some of the cytotoxic and inflammatory effects ot the tissues. Antibacterial, non inflammatory sealant for filling dental root canals.
• Root canal sealing using gutta purcha points.
• Root canal sealing without using gutta purcha points in decidous teeth.
• Root canal filling for infected root canal treatments.

Antibacterial and non inflammatory.
Based on Grossman’s Formula.
Radiopaque and non staining.
Excellent thermal insulation.
Very long working time.
Excellent lubricating qualities.
Low zinc alleviate cytotoxic and inflammtory affects of the tissues.

Key Specifications
Composition :
Powder contain±_: Zinc Oxide, Bismuth Sub-carbonate, Barium Sulphate,
Sodium Borate, Iodoform, Hydrogenated Resin.
uquid contains : Eugenol.
Technical data :
I) Mixing Time : 30 Sec.
2) Working Time : 30 Min_
3) Setting Time : 45 – 60 Min.
4) Flow : 17 mm
5) solubility= >
6) Film Thickness : 45 pm
Storage Conditions : Store at temperature between IO’C to 24’C. Close
the cap carefully
after use. Keep away from moisture. Shelf life not affected after opening
if stored in a cool dry place.
Shelf life : 3years from the date of manufacturing.


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