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NanoSeal-S is a cold flowable polydimethylsiloxane based root canal sealer with micro silver in chemical form.
NanoSeal-S iS a polydimethylsiloxane based self curing, antibacterial root canal sealer fortified with nano silver. It iS used in conjunction with gutta-percha tor effective sealing root canals of permanent teeth. It exhibits an
excellent sealing ability and superior radio-opacity NanoSeal-S exhibits an excellent sealing ability and superior radio-opacity. Nano silver enhances the anti bacterial efficiency and acts as apreservative.
Removal of sealant during retreatment NanoSeal-S can be removed by conventional methods. The sealer does not chemically adhere to dentine.
Use of heat, gates glidden drills and paeso-reamers are advocated for removal of gutta-percha during post space preparation and retreatment.
• Excellent flow and superior bio-compatibility
• Expands by 0.2% to give a tight seal
• Radiopaque and eugenol free
Indications :
Root canal sealing using gutta purcha points

NanoSeal-S iS composed of two components which have to be mixed in a ratio to obtain a homogenous paste.
Radiopaque and eugenol free
• Excellent flow and superior bio-compatibility
Expands by 0.236 to give a tight seal
• It has a working time less than 10 min and setting time of 10-15min.

Key Specifications
Technical Data .
1) Mixing Time : 45 – 60 sec-
2) Working Time : min.
3) Setting Time : 10-15 min.
4) Flow : 65 mm
5) SolubilitY22%
Composition :
• Polydimethyl siloxane,
• Nano Silver powder,
• Silicone Oil,
• Platinum Catalyst,
• Zirconium Dioxide,
• Paraffin Liquid
Storage Conditions :
• Store at temperature between 1 OEC to 24’C- Close the cap
carefully after use-
• Keep away from moisture. Shelf life not affected after opening if stored in a cool dry place.
Shelf life : 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

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