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Magma_NJ is IOW shrinkage composite With fillers in combination of nano Silica and zirconia filler. Magma NT is a contemporary silica-zirconia nanoparticle based universal hybrid composite With 80% filler loading.
The particle Size of the fillers facilitate high polis hability and superior surface luster. Natural fluorescence and a superior chameleon effect creates long lasting life like restorations_ In combination with Fusion self etch bonding agent and Fusion flowable composites, Magma NT delivers reliable functional-esthetic restorations.
Magma_NI is visible light curing composite designed for use in anterior and posterior restorations.
Fusion Bond 7 combines the ingredients needed for etching, priming, and bonding into a single adhesive, thereby eliminating separate etching and priming steps of the bonding process. Fusion Bond 7 adhesive can be used for the bonding of both direct and indirect restorations.
Nano Coat Light Cured Protective Varnish is a protective coating for glass ionomer, composite and temporary restorations. The Liquid glaze ensures improved aesthetics and increased strength, toughness and protection.

Fusion Flo is an excellent flowable composite that delivers high strength & wear resistance. It
is Characterized by optimum surface affinity, penetrates into most difficult area.

Platina Hi-Gloss Composite Polishing Paste is water-soluble, aluminium oxide paste designed for final polishing of anterior and posterior composite restorations and veneers. Platina Hi-Gloss Polishing Paste results in a final, high luster polished surface.


  • Direct anterior and posterior restorations
  • Core build ups
  • Splinting
  • Indirect Restorations
  • Class I,II, III, IV, V restorations
  • Repair of fractured composite/ceramic laminates

Easy handling due to high viscosity
High polishibility
High strength
Abrasive resistance compared to natural tooth
• Excellent polishablity
Natural surface luster
• Chameleon effect
Natural fluorescence

Key Specifications
Shades present – A2, A3, A3.5, 82, 83
Composition :
Bisphenol A diethoxy methacrylate
Silanated barium glass powder 0.2-2 microns
Nano zirconium oxide powder
Amorphous silica powder
Total inorganic filler content 80%
I) Curing Time : 40 sec.
2) Depth of cure : 1.0 (Opaque shade) I .5 (Other shade)
3) Compressive StrengL=• 300 MPa
4) Flexural StrengtD= 140 – 150 MPa
Storage Conditions : Store at temperature between IO’C to 24’C. Close
the cap carefully after use. Keep away from moisture. Shelf life not
affected after opening if stored in a COOI dry place.
Shelf Life : 3years from the date of manufacturing.


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