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Fusion Universal iS visible light cured, radiopaque, highly filled, fine hybrid composite restorative material tor all cavity classes Of anterior and posterior teeth

Indications :
• Direct Restoration of all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth.
Preventive polymerization and repairs of composite ceramic
• Correction of shade and shade for better aesthetics.
• Core build-up & Composite inlays
Fusion Bond 5 is a light curing, single component bonding agent for use in combination with adhesive restorations. It is used for bonding composites and compomers to the tooth structure as well as for bonding amalgams and indirect restorations (e.g. porcelain). Fusion Bond 5 adhesive primes and bonds in one step. Prior to the application of Fusion Bond 5 the tooth structure is conditioned with Actino Etch gel 37%.
Actino is a blue tinted viscous gel of 37% Phosphoric acid for etching tooth enamel and dentin conditioning or composite surfaces prior to the bonding of any composites, sealants or bonding adhesives.

Extremely high abrasion resistance
• Higher filler contents
• Excellent physical properties for long lasting restorations
• Lower polymerization shrinkage than conventional composites

Key Specifications
Shades :A2, A3, 82, 83
Technical Datu
• Curing Time: 40 Sec_
• Depth of Cure: 1.0 (Opaque Shade), 1.5 (Other Shade)
• Compressive Strength: 300 Mpa
• Flexural Strength: 140-150 MPa
Composition :
Fusion Composite : Bisphenol A Glycidyl methacrylate, Bisphenol A
diethoxy methacrylate, Urethane Dimethacrylate, Triethylene Glycol
Dimethacrylate, Silanated Barium Glass Powder, Amorphous Fumed
Fusion Bond 5 : Urethane Dimethacrylate, Triethylene Glycol
Dimetnacmate, Bisphenol A Digycidyl Methacrylate, 2-Hydroxy Ethyl
Methacrylate, Tertiary Butanol, Photoinitiators, Stabilizer
Actino : Phosphoric Acid, Methylene Blue Indicator, Glycerine, Ethanol,
Purified Water and Amorphous Silica.
Storage Conditions :
Store at temperature between 1 OEC to 24’C. Close the cap carefully after
use. Keep away from moisture. Shelf life not affected after opening if
stored in a COOI dry place.
Shelf Life : 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

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