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Prevest Denpro Fusion Crysta Adhesive Primer – Regular Pack (10021) Fusion Crysta Adhesive Primer is a light-cured single-component orthodontic primer that combines etching, priming, and bonding in one bottle. It is an ethanol water-based dental adhesive containing 10- Methacryloyloxycececyl Dihydrogen Phosphate (10-MDP) a functional monomer that helps in bonding to dentin and enamel.
• Fusion Crysta Adhesive Primer is indicated for use as a combined etchant and primer in orthodontic treatment and is used only with light-curing direct bonding orthodontic adhesive


Single bottle with etching, prime & bond provide Clinically acceptable bond strength
The primer contains the revolutionary 10-MDP
(I O-MDP) a functional monomer that helps in bonding to dentin, cut, and un-cut enamel.
MDP promotes physical and chemical adhesion
No post-operative sensitivity
High bond strength and durability

Key Specifications
• BisGMA
• Triethylene Glycol Dimethacrylate
• Camphorquinone
• Dimethyl
• Amino Ethyl Methacrylate
• Ethyl 4-dimethyl Amino Benzoate
• 10-MethacryIoyloxydececyl
• Dihydrogen Phosphate
• Butylated Hydroxytoluene

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