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Prevest Denpro CalUltra 

Calultra is a two-component, rigid-setting, self-curing lining material designed for use as a direct and indirect pulp capping agent and a protective liner under dental filling materials, cement, and other base materials. It has no effect on the polymerization of composite filling materials.


  • Direct and Indirect pulp capping agent
  • Perfect cavity liner under all filling materials


  • The protective barrier between restorative materials and deep vital dentin.
  • Quick setting time
  • Excellent handling characteristics
  • Protects the pulp and promotes the formation of secondary dentin

Key Specifications



  • Calcium hydroxide
  • Ethylene toluene sulfonamide
  • Zinc oxide
  • Zinc stearate


  • Ethylene glycol salicylate
  • Tricalcium phosphate
  • Zinc oxide
  • Barium sulfate
  • Zinc stearate
  • Fumed silica
  • Pigments

Storage :

  • Store at a temperature between 10°C to 24°C.
  • Close the cap carefully after use.
  • Keep away from moisture.
  • Shelf life is not affected after opening if stored in a cool dry place.

Shelf Life :

  • 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

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