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Prevest Denpro CalAPex Root Canal Sealer (40041-11
CalApex is an insoluble calcium hydroxide cement for the permanent obturation of root canals in combination with gutta-percha points_ It is a two-component, base and activator system supplied in two tubes or in a Cartridge.
• Permanent obturation after pulp extirpation and cnemomechanical preparatiom.

Radio opaque
Ideal for infected root canals
Non-snrinkinq formulation
• Excellent physical and biological properties.

Key Specifications
Base Paste:
• Ethylene toluene sulphonamide
• Calcium hydroxide
• Zinc Oxide
• Titanium dioxide
• Zinc Stearate
• Colophony Resin
Catalyst Paste:
• Ethylene glycol salicylate
Tricalcium phosphate
Zinc Oxide
Titanium dioxide
Barium Zirconate
Zinc Stearate


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