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Prevest Denpro 5 Steps Endo Smart Kit (40036)

This kit has been designed by endodontic experts to cater to the needs of clinicians practicing endodontics. The kit is a one-stop solution for predictable endodontics. The products have been thoroughly researched to deliver superior performance.


  • A comprehensive material kit for endodontic treatment


  • Ready to use radiopaque, pre-mixed, calcium hydroxide paste with barium sulphate. Calcigel is a creamy paste used as a liner or as a temporary dressing. Owing to its high alkalinity (pH12). calcium hydroxide neutralizes the free acids of the obturating cement and of the restorative materials. It reduces the hypersensitivity of the dentine and helps the neoformation of secondary dentine.


  • This is a premixed oil-based calcium hydroxide paste containing iodoform. The addition of iodoform to calcium hydroxide improves radio-opacity and improves disinfecting property of the paste. Non Hardening paste, solubilized calcium hydroxide remains active in root canals for a longer time.


  • Dolo EDTAGel is 17% EDTA with 10% carbamide peroxide in a water-soluble gel base for use in chemical and mechanical cleansing of root canal preparation. It lubricates the root canal and chelates the calcium salts to facilitate endodontic instrument penetrations. Due to its effervescent action with sodium hypochlorite solution, cleaning the root canal becomes very easy. The use of sodium hypochlorite in the gel promotes internal bleaching of the tooth. This process is enhanced by the release of oxygen from carbamide peroxide.


  • Pulp-X is a devitalized paste that provides powerful pulp devitalizing properties due to
    paraformaldehyde. It is a fast-acting and pain-relieving paste, easy to apply.


  • Orafil-LC is a light-curing material for temporary filling and sealing. The elastic
    consistency assures an easy removal, even in case of undercuts, and finishing the cavity is not necessary. Thus the fitting of the temporary filling will be improved. Orafil-LC is available in syringes for direct application into the cavity.


  • Chlor-X Gel is a lightly flavored gel containing 2 % chlorhexidine.


  • Zical Root Canal Sealer is a resin-based sealer in paste-paste form for permanent filling
    dental root canals. This sealant has been specially designed to tightly seal the apex of the root and the prepared root canal. It can be easily removed along with Gutta Percha Point when refilling is necessary. Zical is radiopaque,  nonstaining, and nonirritating with excellent thermal insulation. Its long working time and lubricating qualities are additional features. Low zinc oxide contents of the composition alleviate some of the cytotoxic and inflammatory effects of the tissues.

• For Professional use Only
The kit is a one-stop solution for predictable endodontics.
The products have been thoroughly researched to deliver superior performance
Systematic endodontic treatment kit for predictable & efficient endodontics.

Key Specifications
Storage Conditions :
• Store at temperature between IO’C to 24’C. Close the cap carefully after
use. Keep away
from moisture. Shelf life not affected after opening if stored in a cool dry
Shelf life:
3 years from the date of manufacturing.

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