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Prevest A.C.E Ceramic iS a comprehensive set for intraoral repairs Of ceramic and composite restorations. The entire set is ergonomically arranged and enables you to work from left to right. Due to its outstanding high bonding values, this system iS a reliable assistant in inconvenient Situations. All the components are available separately_
Indications :
• Repair of porcelain fused to metal crowns Bridges
• Inlays and Onlays
• Ceramic-veneered restorations
• All-ceramic restorations
Product Details .
CeraEtch : CeraEtch is 5% Buffered Hydrofluoric acid in semi gel form. It improves the mechanical bond between porcelain and bonding agent by increasing the surface roughness.
Silane-X : Silane-X is a single component material Which is used to enhance bond strength between composites/cements and porcelain. For best results the etched porcelain surface snould be completely dry and
free of residual moisture before applying Silane-X-

Fusion Flo is an excellent flowable composite that delivers high strength & wear resistance. It is Characterized by optimum surface affinity, penetrates into most difficult area. It combines esthetics as well as flow on demand handling for use.
Renew Universal is a light-cured single-component dental bonding agent that combines etching, priming and bonding in one bottle. A novel universal dental adhesive containing a unique combination of functional
monomers such as 10-MDP and 4-META. It has excellent bonding capabilities to dentin and cut / under-cut enameL As a universal adhesive, Renew Universal has been designed to be fully compatible With light-cured
and dual-cured composite materials. Renew Universal can be used for the bonding of both direct and indirect restorations and may be used With or Without phosphoric acid etchant.

• Comprehensive set for intraoral repairs of ceramic and composite restorations.
A.C.E. ceramic repair kit comprises the necessary bonding and veneering materials
• Due to its high bonding values this system is a reliable assistant in incontinent situations.

Key Specifications
Cera-Etch : 5% Hydrofluoric Acid, purified water and thickening agents.
Silane- X : Organo functional Silane, Ethyl Alcohol and Acetone.
Fusion Flo : Bisphenol AGIycidyl Methacrylate, Ethoxlated Bisphenol A
Diethoxy Methacrylate, urethane Dimethacryoate, Triethylene Glycol
Dimethacryoate, Silanated Barium Glass Powder, Amorphous Fumed Silica,
Total Inorganic Filler 70%-
Renew Universal : Functional Monomers Such As 10-MDP and 4-META

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