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PCD-A-3.5Y / Test strips for use in Helix-PCD System. Load release.ISO 11140-1 Type 2 Varnished self-adhesive strips printed with indicator ink (77 x 6 mm), for Steam sterilization processes. Metals free 3,5 min.134° C. Turns from Yellow to Black. ISO 11140-1 Type 2.

Chemical strips (Type 2 Chemical Indicator according to ISO 11140-1:2014) for use with Helix-PCD in the control of steam sterilization processes. Indicators are 100% free of toxic heavy metals.

Instructions for use

1. Insert PCD-A chemical indicator, according to the selected process conditions within the holder (metal capsule) or slot (plastic capsule) of the screw cap; settle the reactive indicating ink towards the capsule lumen, avoiding folding those areas printed with reactive indicating ink.

IMPORTANT: avoid contact between PCD-A chemical indicator and capsule interior surface, because it can alter the result.

2. Put the capsule cap with moderate pressure.

3. Settle the system into the fabric bag.

4. The entire system should be sterilized in a vacuum chamber under conditions that depend on the chemical indicator to be used:

PCD-A-3.5Y 3.5 min. 134 ºC

PCD-A-5.3Y 5.3 min. 134 ºC, 15 min. 121 °C

PCD-A-7.0Y 7.0 min. 134 ºC, 20 min. 121 °C

PCD-A-9.0Y 9.0 min. 134 ºC

PCD-A-18.0Y 18.0 min. 134 ºC

5. Remove the indicator and evaluate the result. If the 4 bars reach the final color, the result can be considered successful, which means the sterilizer is working correctly. If one bar doesn€™t reach the final color, it means that residual air is present in the sterilizer, therefore a malfunction of the equipment.

The reasons for the failure can be insufficient air removal, leakages and noncondensable gases in steam. We suggest to perform the test once again, before sending the equipment to technical service.


250 Strips / Pack

Product Description – PCD-A-3.5Y rev.11


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PCD-A-3.5Y - Type - 2, Chemical Indicator for use in Helix-PCD system


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