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Vivaglass CEM is a highly translucent self-curing glass ionomer cement

The self-curing glass ionomer cement Vivaglass CEM combines the desirable properties of efficiency, ease of use and esthetics. Due to its high translucency, natural-looking results are accomplished swiftly.


Vivaglass CEM is suitable for the conventional cementation of a wide variety of indirect restorations, for example:

  • Inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges made of metal
  • Crowns and bridges made of high-strength ceramics
  • Metal posts as well as indirect metal post and core complexes
  • Orthodontic bands
  • Ready-made steel crowns


  • Accurate dropper mechanism – Easy to dose
  • Easy to use – Fast handling
  • High tranlucency and universal color – Esthetic results


  • Accurate dropper mechanism – Easy to dose
  • Easy to use – Fast handling
  • High tranlucency and universal color – Esthetic results


LIQUID-  Tartric acid- 10-<25%

POWDER- Carbomer- 25-50%

Bond to dentin

Vivaglass CEM achieved the highest dentin bonding values of the competitive products shown in shear bond strength tests.


Ivoclar Vivaglass Cem Liquid Refill

  • 1 x 10ml Liquid

Ivoclar Vivaglass Cem PL Assortment Kit

  • 1 x 30g Powder
  • 1 x 10ml Liquid
  • 1 x Measuring scoop
  • 1 x Mixing pad

Ivoclar Vivaglass Cem Liquid Refill

vivaglasssssssssssssssssssssssss1 - Alpha DentkartSTEP 1

  • Pre-operative situation.

vivaglasssssssssssssssssssssssss1 - Alpha DentkartSTEP 2

  • Vivaglass CEM is mixed

vivagls12 - Alpha DentkartSTEP 3

  • Vivaglass CEM is applied.

vivagls11 - Alpha DentkartSTEP 4

  • The crowns are seated

vivagl13 - Alpha DentkartSTEP 5

  • Post-operative situation

Ivoclar Vivaglass Cem PL Assortment Kit


a) Condition the restoration according to the instructions of the manufacturer (e.g. sandblast contact surfaces of metal restorations). If necessary, degrease with alcohol or acetone.

b) Coat dentin areas near the pulp with a calcium hydroxide liner. Clean the prepared teeth with prophy paste (e.g. Proxyt ®); rinse with water and dry with an air syringe. Avoid drying out the dentin surface

c) Keep the operating field dry with cotton rolls and a saliva ejector.


The mixing ratio for a crown is as follows:

1 drop of liquid and 1 scoop of powder (corresponds to a weight ratio of 3:1). For the cementation of a bridge, the material quantities are multiplied by the number of abutment teeth. Dispense powder and liquid next to each other on a mixing pad or a glass plate. Hold the bottle containing the liquid perpendicular when dispensing and squeeze gently to extrude one drop. Shake the powder before use. Overfill the measuring scoop with powder and wipe off excess on the plastic insert in the bottle neck. Close the powder bottle and the liquid bottle carefully after use. On the mixing pad, mix the powder and liquid to a homogenous, creamy consistency with a plastic spatula

Working and curing times (WT/CT)

Working Time 2 min

Curing Time   4 – 6 min

At room temperature (23 °C ± 1 °C / 73 °F ± 1 °F), the following times apply after mixing (mixing time approx. 30 sec): Higher temperatures decrease the working time; low temperatures increase it


Place Vivaglass CEM PL in the restoration and apply the material to the restoration walls with a spatula. Introduce it into the root canal using a lentulo spiral or apply it to the orthodontic band. Excess material must be applied in every case.

– Place the restoration applying light pressure (e.g. with a condenser).

– During setting, the restoration should be kept seated with firm pressure.

– Remove excess cement prior to complete setting of the cement, e.g. using a curette.

If a retraction cord has been used, it should be removed at this time.

Additional information

Weight1.000 kg
Ivoclar Vivaglass Cem

Ivoclar Vivaglass Cem PL Assortment Kit, Ivoclar Vivaglass Cem Liquid Refill

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