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Variolink N LC is an esthetic light-cure luting material especially suitable for adhesive cementation in the anterior region. Variolink N LC is recommended for very thin (<2mm) and highly translucent restorations. It is available in 3 versions. The different shades of Variolink N LC offer the option of a brightening effect. Due to the special amine-reduced formulation it supports shade stability and lowers the risk of discolouration caused by exposure to intensive daylight.


  • Adhesive cementation of translucent all-ceramic restorations with a thickness of < 2.0mm (veneers, inlays, onlays)


  • Highly esthetic results
  • Available in three different shades offering a brightning effect
  • Convenient handling
  • High radiopacity

Key Specifications


  • Clear: Neutral effect (50% translucency)
  • +1: Little brightening (24% translucency)
  • +2: Brightening, whitening effect (12% translucency)


  • 1 x 1.5ml syringe

Directions to Use

  • Clean the preparation with a polishing brush and a fluoride free cleaning paste
  • Rinse the preparation with water spray and dry it with water and oil-free air
  • For optimum esthetic results use variolink N try and paste to evaluate the shade of the restoration
  • Check the shade effect, accuracy of the fit and occlusion of the restoration
  • Thoroughly rinse off the trying paste with water spray after trying and dry the preparation with water and oil-free air
  • Etch the bonding surface of the restoration with 5% Hydrofluoric acid (ceramic etching gel) for 20 sec
  • Rinse off the etching gel and dry the restoration
  • Clean the bonding surface with ivoclean and leave it for 20 sec
  • Rinse off ivoclean and dry the restoration
  • Apply monobond n bonding agent to the pre-treated surface using a brush and allow it to react for 60 sec then disperse it with dry air
  • Isolate the operating field
  • Apply phosphoric acid etchnat to etch enamel for 15-30 seconds and dentin for 10-15 sec
  • Thouroughly rinse the gel with vigorous stream of water and air dry the preparation
  • Coat the entire bonding surface with bonding agent and scrub the adhesive in for 20 sec. Disperse the adhesive using air
  • Light cure bonding for 10 sec
  • Apply the desired amount of Variolink N LC directly from the syringe on to the restoration
  • Seat the restoration and retain it in place exerting uniform pressure
  • Remove gross excess material within the processing time especially in proximal and gingival area
  • Maintain the pressure and light cure the central area of the restoration for 3-4 seconds
  • Cover the restoration margins with glycerine gel to prevent oxygen inhibition
  • Light cure the restoration again for 10 seconds
  • Rinse off the glycerine gel
  • Finish the proximal sufaces with finishing and polishing strips. Polish the restoration margins with composite polishers

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