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Variolink Esthetic is an esthetic light- and dual-curing luting composite for the permanent cementation of demanding ceramic and composite restorations.

The cement is based on the esthetic luting composites Variolink II and Variolink Veneer, which have proven their worth in clinical use for many years.

Variolink Esthetic represents a new generation of luting composites featuring excellent esthetics and user-friendly processing.


  • Permanent cementation of glass-ceramic, lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and composite restorations (inlays, onlays and veneers)
  • Only for restorations with a low material thickness of <2 mm and sufficient translucency (e.g. IPS e.max HT).


  • Excellent shade stability thanks to the patented and reactive light initiator Ivocerin which is 100% amine-free
  • Balanced and straightforward Effect shade system
  • Lifelike fluorescence
  • Easy, precise excess removal
  • Flexible, situational consistency – ideal combination of flowability and stability
  • Impressive radiodiagnostics

Key Specifications


The monomer matrix of Variolink Esthetic is composed of urethane dimethacrylate and further methacrylate monomers. The inorganic fillers are ytterbium trifluoride and spheroid mixed oxide. Initiators, stabilizers and pigments are additional ingredients. The particle size is 0.04–0.2 μm. The mean particle size is 0.1 µm. The total volume of inorganic fillers is approx. 38%.


  • Light     Translucency approx. 10%
  • Neutral Translucency approx. 17%
  • Warm    Translucency approx. 12%


  • 1 x 2g Refill

Directions to Use

Step 1: Initial situation: tooth 36 with insufficient composite filling

linkstep1 - Alpha DentkartStep 2: Preparation

alink - Alpha DentkartStep 3: CAD image of e.max CAD-restoration

linkb1 - Alpha DentkartStep 4: Try-in of crystallized and characterized restoration using Variolink Esthetic Try-In paste (neutral)

link190 - Alpha DentkartStep 5: Etching of prepared dental surface with 37% phosphoric acid (Total Etch)

link250 - Alpha DentkartStep 6: Application of Adhese Universal using the VivaPen

linke0 - Alpha DentkartStep 7:  Pre-polymerization of excess material using quarter technique (distance max. 10mm, 2 sec. per quarter, Bluephase Style)

pg12 - Alpha DentkartStep 8:  Convenient removal of excess material with a scaler

like40r - Alpha DentkartStep 9: Application of glycerin gel (Liquid Strip) followed by final light curing in segments

ulike9 - Alpha DentkartStep 10: Final restoration after one week

Additional information

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