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Monobond N is the universal primer for the conditioning of all types of restoration surfaces

The primer enables users to achieve a strong and durable bond to any dental restorative material because it combines three different functional methacrylates – silane methacrylate, phosphoric methacrylate and sulfide methacrylate


For all indirect restorative materials:

  • glass and oxide ceramics
  • metal
  • composite
  • fibre-reinforced composites


  • Suitable for all types of indirect restoration materials (glass and oxide ceramics, metal, composites, fibre-reinforced composite)
  • Universal reaction time of 60 seconds
  • Easy storage (refrigerated storage is unnecessary)

Key Specifications


Alcohol solution of silane methacrylate, phosphoric acid methacrylate and sulphide methacrylate.

  • Do not use Monobond N after the indicated date of expiration.
  • Storage temperature: 2–28 °C(36–82 °F)


  • 1 x 5gm bottle

Directions to Use

Adhesive cementation of prosthetic restorations

  • Step 1: Preparing the restoration
  • Step 2: Apply a thin coat of Monobond N with a brush or a Microbrush to the pre-treated surfaces.Allow the material to react for 60 seconds. Subsequently, disperse any remaining excess with a strong stream of air.
  • Step 3: Apply the luting composite (e.g. Variolink N or Multilink N) according to the respective Instructions for Use and seat the restoration.

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