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Ivoclar Fluor Protector Gel

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  • Smooth consistency. Protects tooth from dissolution by acids.
  • Inhibits growth of cariogenic bacteria.
  • Gentle to worn out teeth and sensitive soft tissues.

Fluor Protector Gel contains fluoride as well as calcium and phosphate. These ingredients protect teeth and repair and strengthen the affected tooth structure. Xylitol inhibits the growth of cariogenic bacteria. The provitamin D-panthenol is soothing to the gums and mucous membrane, which benefits the general health of teeth and the oral cavity.

When it is used at home, Fluor Protector Gel supplements the professionally applied protective varnish Fluor Protector.


For the daily special care to protect teeth from caries, erosions, and periodontal diseases. Application is particularly suitable with sensitive teeth, exposed cervicals, acidic diet, dry mouth, during orthodontic treatment, after professional tooth cleaning and in the course of a tooth whitening procedure


  • Sensitive teeth
  • Exposed cervical areas
  • Tooth erosion by acids
  • Patients with xerostomia
  • Orthodontic patients
  • High caries risk patients
  • After tooth whitening


  • 1450 ppm fluoride with calcium and phosphate
  • Xylitol inhibits carious degeneration
  • Provitamin D-Panthenol helps strengthen the gingiva
  • Neutral pH
  • Smooth consistency
  • Low abrasion
  • Low foam formation
  • Mint flavour
  • Protects tooth from dissolution by acids
  • Inhibits growth of cariogenic bacteria
  • Suitable for erosions
  • Gentle to worn out teeth and sensitive soft tissues
  • More sustained action

Key Specifications


Water, Xylitol & Thickener97
Potassium fluoride (1450 ppm of fluoride)0.45
Calcium glycerophosphate>1.0
Additives, Flavoring agents, Stabilizers>2.0


  • 1 x 50gm Tube

Directions to Use

Depending on your needs, you may apply Fluor Protector Gel:

  • instead of tooth paste 2-3 times daily for 3 minutes using a tooth brush
  • in the evening after tooth brushing with the usual tooth paste. Apply Fluor Protector Gel with a tooth brush.
  • to clean the space between teeth or fixed restorations
  • for example bridges or implants. Use Fluor Protector in conjunction with an interdental brush for cleaning
  • by filling the gel in your tray and let it react for 10 minutes each 1-2 times daily.
  • Tip: Do not rinse after use! In this way, the effect of the Fluor Protector Gel is enhanced.

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