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Basic surgical instruments.A must-have for every clinic !!
Instruments included in the kit are

  • Iris Scissors Curved is ideal for fine tissue cutting
  • Iris scissors side curved have an angled beak for cutting in those posterior hard-to-reach areas.
  • Scalpel Handle round straight will hold your surgical blades firmly to avoid any slippage in the patient’s mouth
  • Bone Curettes is very essential for curettage to remove any debris from the socket
  • Moons Probe is a flat handled instrument with a blade perpendicular to the handle which fulfills the need for elevation of mucoperiosteal flap prior to extraction
  • Bone File Miller Col-burn is an instrument used in a bone filing to eliminate any minor bony spicules before suturing
  • Periosteal Elevator Molt No.9 is a perfect tool for elevating the mucoperiosteal flaps before starting any minor surgery
  • Bone Rongeur is the finest bone rongeur for cutting sharp bony edges or spicules
  • Artery forceps 160mm is another armamentarium quintessential for holding those minute instruments while performing your impaction surgery
  • Needle holder Mayo Hagar 160mm holds your needle firmly while suturing


GDC Surgical Instruments  Kit of 10 SISP10 includes instruments :-

  1. B.P Handle 10-130-5em
  2. Needle Holder Mayo Hegar NHMH
  3. Artery Forceps
  4. Iris Scissor Straight S17
  5. Iris Scissor Curved S18
  6. Moon Probe P13M
  7. Surgical Curette Lucas
  8. Bone Rongeurs
  9. Periosteal Elevator P9
  10. Bone File Miller

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