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GDC Root Elevators Root Tip Pick Heidbrink – Straight (EHB 1)
The basic components of extraction forceps are: Used as a lever during the extraction of a tooth or retained roots. It is pushed in between the gums and the tooth exterior and used to loosen the tissue surrounding the tooth.


The extraction forceps are instruments used for:

  • Removing the tooth from the alveolar bone.
  • Ideally, forceps are used to lift elevator-luxated teeth from their sockets, rather than to pull teeth from their sockets.
  • They also can help to expand bone when properly used.
  • The forceps used for the removal of mandibular teeth are held with the palm on top of the forceps so that the beak is pointed down toward teeth “
  • 1 x GDC Root Elevators Root Tip Pick Heidbrink – Straight (Ehb1)

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