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GDC Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Kit Set of 8 (ITRLDPP8)

The GDC Dentulous Perforated Impression Tray Set is a comprehensive collection of dental trays designed for taking accurate impressions of dentulous arches. The set includes 8 trays of various sizes, allowing for versatility and accommodating different patient anatomies. Each tray in the set is perforated, which allows for proper flow and adaptation of the impression material. The perforations also aid in the escape of excess material, minimizing the risk of distortion and ensuring a more accurate impression. These trays are made from high-quality, durable plastic material that provides stability during the impression-taking process. They have smooth edges and a comfortable shape, enhancing patient comfort and minimizing any discomfort or irritation. The GDC Dentulous Perforated Impression Tray Set comes in a convenient pouch, providing easy storage and organization of the trays. The pouch is designed to keep the trays clean and protected when not in use.

The Impression Trays are of 2 main types:

  • Dentulous: These are trays that are used to take impressions of people with teeth or of a dentulous mouth.
  • Edentulous: These are trays that are used to take impressions in an edentulous mouth or a patient without teeth.

They are again divided into two types, based on the presence of perforations in them:

  • Perforated: There are small perforations or holes in the tray.
  • Non-Perforated: There are no perforations in the trays as they are used to carry impression materials that are not rigid Ex. Alginate.For recording impressions in dentulous patients for the fabrication of complete dentures

Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated in pouch

  1. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Upper ITRLDPU1
  2. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Upper ITRLDPU2
  3. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Upper ITRLDPU3
  4. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Upper ITRLDPU4 
  5. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Lower ITRLDPL1
  6. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Lower ITRLDPL2
  7. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated Lower ITRLDPL3
  8. Impression Tray Dentulous Perforated  Lower ITRLDPL4

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