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GDC Extraction Forceps Pedo Set Of 7 In Pouch Premium (EFPPP7)

The GDC Extraction Forceps Pedo Set of 7 in Pouch Premium (EFPPP7) is a comprehensive set of dental instruments specifically designed for extracting deciduous (baby) teeth. The set includes seven different forceps, each uniquely shaped to accommodate the various types and positions of baby teeth. The forceps are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. They come in a convenient pouch for organized storage and easy accessibility. The GDC Extraction Forceps Pedo Set offers a reliable and efficient solution for pediatric tooth extractions, providing dental professionals with the necessary tools to perform these procedures effectively and comfortably.

Includes below given instruments :

  1. Upper Anterior FX5CP
  2. Upper Premolar FX4CP
  3. Upper Molar FX6CP
  4. Upper Root FX7CP
  5. Lower Premolar FX1CP
  6. Lower Molar FX2CP
  7. Lower Root FX3CP

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Weight1.500 kg

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