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With GC G-ænial Universal Flo you get an exclusive blend of injectable viscosity for easy and convenient placement even in deep cavities, combined with outstanding physical properties for safe and durable restorations.

G-ænial Universal Flo provides the answer to many difficult cases where you do not want to compromise between perfect placement, aesthetics and strength.

Its unique combination of strength and flowability makes it also perfectly adapted to be used as a light-cured composite luting cement.

Longevity and Endurance
One of the major concerns for a dentist when using a flowable material is the longevity and the performance of the material. G-ænial Universal Flo demonstrates the physical performance of a regular composite material but in a flowable consistency. This is possible thanks to the design, amount and dispersion of the fillers.

Fluidity and Placement
The viscosity of G-ænial Universal Flo is very carefully balanced in order to provide a material that flows smoothly for easy placement in the cavity. And at the same time the material is also highly thixotropic, not runny and stays neatly in place and holds its shape.

G-ænial Universal Flo benefits from a very high gloss rate and gloss retention rate. The speed and ease with which a gloss is obtained is extremely impressive. In actual fact, G-ænial Universal Flo can almost be considered to be a self polishing material.

Shade Range
G-ænial Universal Flo offers superb invisible aesthetics without any compromises. Thanks to its broad range of 15 shades and 3 different levels of translucencies, it is possible to achieve aesthetic restorations in an easy and smooth manner. G-ænial Universal Flo is an ideal partner for G-ænial Anterior & Posterior.

Economical & Ergonomical Dispensing
Both G-ænial Universal Flo & G-ænial Flo products are brought to you in a specially designed syringe that offers:

  • An ergonomic solution: the product is dispensed smoothly while the syringe size is large enough to provide a comfortable grip.
  • An easy application: the nozzle surface is textured so that the paste does not stick to it.
  • An economical advantage: the residual paste in the syringe is minimal: less than 0.04 mL.


  • As a direct restorative material for all Class I, II, III, IV and V cavities
  • For Minimum Intervention cavities
  • For splinting (fixation of mobile teeth)


  • Full strength : Injectable composite for all cavity classification
  • Beautiful aesthetics with a high gloss finish that lasts
  • No slumping yet wets and adapts for fast application
  • Sets rock hard with exceptional wear resistance
  • Self polishing and fast finishing with ideal gloss retention
  • Universal composite with the convenience with flowable syringe

Key Specifications

  • Light cure the G-ænial Universal Flo using a light curing unit. Keep light guide as close as possible to the surface.
  • Material should be placed and light cured in layers.
  • Lower light intensity may cause insufficient curing or discoloration of the material.
  • Finish and polish using standard techniques.


Gc G-Aenial Universal Flo 3.4g

  • 1 x 3.4g Syringe

Gc G-Aenial Universal Flo 1Gm (A2 shade)

  • 1 x 1g Syringe

Directions to Use

  • Preparations : Hold the syringe upright and remove the cap by turning
    counterclockwise. Promptly and securely attach the dispensing tip to the syringe by
    turning clockwise. Place the light protective cover until use. Note : Take care not to attach the dispensing tip too tightly. This may damage its screw. In order to ensure a tight connection make sure that the threads are free of remnant material.
  • Shade Selection : Clean the tooth with pumice and water. Shade selection should be made prior to isolation. Select the appropriate shade.
  • Cavity Preparation : Prepare cavity using standard techniques. Dry by gently blowing with oil free air. Rubber dam is recommended to isolate prepared tooth from contamination with saliva, blood or sulcus fluid. Note : For pulp capping, use calcium hydroxide.
  • Bonding treatment : For bonding G-ænial Universal Flo to enamel and/or dentine, use a
    light-cured bonding system such as GC G-ænial Bond, GC G-BOND, GC Fuji Bond LC, GC UniFil Bond. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Placement of G-ænial Universal Flo : Remove cover from the dispensing tip. Place the dispensing tip as close as possible to the prepared cavity, and slowly push the plunger to syringe material. Alternatively, dispense material onto a mixing pad and transfer to the cavity using a suitable instrument.
    Note :
    a. If plugged, remove the dispensing tip and extrude a small amount of material directly from the syringe.
    b. Minimize exposure to ambient light. Ambient light can shorten the manipulation time.
    c. After use, immediately remove and dispose the dispensing tip and tightly close the syringe with the cap.

Additional information

Weight0.750 kg
GC G-Aenial Universal Flo

3.4g Shade A1, 3.4g Shade A2, 3.4g Shade A3, 3.4g Shade Ao2, 3.4g Shade Ao3, 1Gm (A2 Shade) Sample Trial Pack

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