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G-aenial anterior is the material of choice when you are looking for a restorative that will meet the aesthetic expectations of all your patients. Being a forgiving composite that offers beautiful and natural looking high gloss restorations whilst being extremely easy to use, makes it a composite suited to everyday use.

A unique composition with an internal reflectivity which accurately reproduces that of natural tooth. Thanks to its high light scattering properties, G-ænial will blend perfectly with the surrounding cavity. The chameleon effect which can be achieved with just one shade of G-ænial is of such a high standard that the restoration not only matches the surrounding natural tooth, it blends and becomes aesthetically invisible. Although aesthetically invisible, both G-ænial Anterior and Posterior are easily traceable through x-rays. Featuring a unique and GC patented High-Density Radiopaque (HDR) Technology,theradiopacity of G-ænial is significantly increased without compromising aesthetics.

Indications : 

  • Direct restorative for Class III, IV, V cavities.
  • Direct restorative for wedge-shaped defects and root surface cavities.
  • Direct restorative for veneers and diastema closure.


  • Natural reflectivity creates invisibility
  • Forward-thinking shading concept
  • Easy Handling
  • Good polishability
  • Simplified follow-ups
  • Tough and flexible


  • Optimised handling : With G-aenial anterior you gain total control over your results with its smooth, non-sticky and sculptable handling.
  • Shade matching : With simple and easy to choose shades of G-aenial anterior, assures predictable value based aesthetics to your patients.
  • High gloss finish : G-aenial anterior polishes quickly to a high gloss finish and the diverse filler surfaces within G-aenial ensure the surface really does shine! For best results, it is recommended to use diamond burs, polishing points and discs. To obtain a high gloss lustre, use GC DIA polishing paste in low speed for 15 minutes.
  • Age aligned shade system : Enamel shade selection based on the age of the patient.
  • More working time : Reduces stress with working time under ambient light extended to 4 minutes.
  • Simplicity : even when complexity presents for most restorations, the use of standard shades alone is sufficient to produce beautiful, natural results.

Key Specifications

Irradiation Time 

  • Plasma arc (2000mW/cm2) : 3 sec, 6 sec
  • GC G-Light (1200mW/cm2) : 10 sec, 20 sec
  • Halogen / LED (700mW/cm2) : 20 sec, 40 sec

Note : Depth of curing will vary according to the timings selected for curing composite.


  • 1 x 2.7ml composite syringe

Directions to Use

  • Shade Selection : Clean the tooth with pumice and water. Shade selection should be made prior to isolation. Select the appropriate G-ænial shades by referring to the G-ænial shade guide.
  • Cavity Preparation : Prepare cavity using standard techniques. Dry by gently blowing with oil free air. Note : For pulp capping, use calcium hydroxide.
  • Bonding Treatment : For bonding G-ænial to enamel and / or dentin, use a light-cured bonding system such as GC G-ænial Bond, GC G-BOND, GC Fuji BOND LC or GC UniFil Bond.
  • Placement of G-ænial : Remove syringe cap and dispense material onto a mixing pad. Place the material into the cavity using a suitable placement instrument. After dispensing, screw syringe plunger anticlockwise by a half to full turn to release residual pressure inside the syringe. Replace cap immediately after use.
  • Contouring before Light Curing : Contour using standard techniques.
  • Light Curing : Light cure G-ænial using a light curing unit. Keep light guide as close as possible to the surface.
  • Note :
    1. Basically, material can be applied in a single layer to achieve aesthetic restorations using Standard shades.
    2. Material may be hard to extrude immediately after removing from cold storage. Prior to use, leave to stand for a few minutes at normal room temperature.
    3. After dispensing, avoid too long exposure to ambient light. Ambient light can shorten the manipulation time

Additional information

Weight0.750 kg
GC G-Aenial Anterior

A1, A3, A3.5, B1, AE, XBW, A2, AO2, TE

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