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GC FUJIROCK EP is the ultimate stone for producing remarkably fine/smooth dies and working and study models. The superior quality of this Type IV Dental Die Stone is ideal for all kinds of prosthetics with high precision, outstanding edge hardness and high pressure stability. This product features a longer pour time and a faster set time. It resists chipping, exhibits high compressive strength, lowers expansion and yields a hard, glossy surface. GC FUJIROCK EP is highly fluid yet still thixotropic for excellent handling properties and easy pouring without air bubbles. Immediate high pressure stability creates a prefect fit without prosthetics.

Indications : 

  • Ideal for producing all kinds of prosthetics
  • Compatible with a wide range of impression material

Advantages : 

  • High wettability for easier mixing
  • Short mixing time
  • Highly fluid yet still thixotropic for easy pouring without air bubbles and excellent handling properties
  • Snap set for longer working time and shorter setting time
  • Short removal time


  • Extremely hard stone – Greater wear resistancy
  • High transverse and compressive strengths – Reduces breakage and chipping
  • Ideal thixotropicity – Smoother pouring formula facilitates detail reproduction without dimensional change
  • Low “powder-water” ratio – Uses less water for outstanding strength and excellent physical properties
  • Formulated for high accuracy and precise fit – Fewer remakes, Higher quality, Reliable

Key Specifications

  • P/L Ratio : 20mL/100g
  • Manual mixing time : 15 seconds
  • Vacuum mixing time : 30-60 seconds
  • Working time / Pouring time : 8 min
  • Setting time : 12 min
  • Setting Expansion (ISO/24h) : 0.08%
  • Compressive Strength : 53 MPa


  • 1 x GC Fujirock Ep 5kg Bucket

Directions to Use

  • Use room temperature water (preferably distilled water)
  • Always place water in bowl first, then add powder to water slowly and evenly.
  • Hand mix using back-and-forth strokes, occasionally turning the bowl and scraping down the sides to incorporate all dry and unmixed material. Do this until a creamy homogeneous mix is achieved (vacuum mixing can also be done).
  • Pour the stone into the impression and allow it to set. Cast models can be removed from impressions when the exotherm is completed.


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