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GC Fuji VII in capsule form is the revolutionary glass ionomer sealant and surface protectant. It is fantastic at keeping young patients’ teeth cavity-free. There is no isolation or bonding agent required. It works in a moist field. The self-bonding, high fluoride releasing GC Fuji VII creates a strong, acid-resistant fused layer.

Fuji VII White is for fully erupted teeth; Fuji VII Pink offers a visual indicator that is ideal for newly erupted molars. GC Fuji VII sets in around four minutes. If a faster set is desired, use a visible light curing device for 20-40 seconds. Place light source as closely as possible to the cement surface. This function applies only to the Pink Shade.

Indications :-

  • Surface and fissure protection.
  • Root surface protection.
  • Hypersensitivity prevention and control.
  • Intermediate endodontic sealing.
  • Intermediate restorations.
  • Caries stabilisation.

Advantages :-

  • Flowable consistency to ensure effective wetting and intimate adhesion to tooth surfaces
  • Moisture tolerant- can be applied in situations where saliva control is difficult
  • Available in white and special pink shades for clear identification


  • Self-bonding ion exchange and high fluoride release create a strong, acid-resistant, chemically fused layer that will continue to offer protection to the occlusal surface for up to 24 months.
  • Etching, bonding agents, or tooth isolation is not required.
  • Strong, lasting bond to tooth structure.
  • Moisture-friendly; perfect for sealing and protecting newly erupted molars or endodontically treated preparations.
  • The tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion improves the sealant staying power, which helps maintain marginal integrity (when used as a restorative).
  • Prevents further erosion in rampant caries cases.
  • Fluoride release can be recharged when the patient uses a fluoridated rinse or dentifrice.
  • Mixes in 10 seconds; ideal consistency every time.
  • The capsule applier allows direct delivery for easy application.
  • Low viscosity – Penetrates into pits and fissures; it can be brushed on with a micro-tip brush or blown in with air syringe.

Key Specifications

  • Powder/Liquid Ratio (g/g) – 0.30/0.15.
  • Mixing time – 10’.
  • Net Volume (ml) – 0.15.
  • Working Time – 1’40’’ .
  • Setting Time – Without Light Irradiation (2’30’’), With Light Irradiation (20”-40”).
  • Compressive strength (Mpa) – After 1 Hour (100), After 1 Day (159 ), After 7 Days (171 ).
  •  Radiopacity (mm) – 2.4.
  •  Fluoride Release microgram/cm2 (After 1 Day) – 197.


  • Box of 50 Capsules

Directions to Use

  • Shake the capsule or tap its side on a hard surface to loosen the powder.
  • To activate the capsule, push the plunger until it is flush with main body.
  • Immediately place the capsule into a metal GC Capsule Applier and click. the lever once.The capsule is now activated. Note : The capsule should be activated just before mixing and used immediately.
  • Immediately remove the capsule and set it into a mixer (an amalgamator) and mix for 10 seconds at high speed (+/-4,000 RPM).
  • Immediately remove the mixed capsule from the mixer and load it into the GC Capsule Applier.
  • Make two clicks to prime the capsule then syringe.
  • Remove surface moisture but do not desiccate.
  • Extrude cement directly into preparation, then use a brush to spread a film of GC Fuji VII directly over the root surface or hypersensitive area or over the occlusal surface and into the pits and fissures.
  • A ball burnisher is used to contour the unset glass ionomer. The burnisher can be lubricated with Cocoa Butter or Fuji COAT to aid manipulation.
  • Form the contour and place a matrix if required.
  • Light-cure for 20 seconds using a suitable visible light curing device (470 nm wavelength). Light curing function only applies for pink shade. After light cure, it is advisable to protect the surface with a varnish.
  • Finish under water spray using superfine diamond bur, silicone point and polishing strips.


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GC Fuji 7 Capsule Shade

Pink, White

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