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Dyract Flow is a dental material specifically developed for minimal invasive dentistry, providing excellent flow and extrusion properties, as well as significant fluoride release. Dyract Flow is a flowable compomer restorative that combines sustained fluoride release, low net volumetric shrinkage, exceptional marginal integrity, and easy handling with high surface hardness, flexural modulus, elasticity, and optimal opacity for natural esthetics. It is primarily indicated for the treatment of small cavities in both anterior and posterior teeth. The material’s ideal flowability allows for easy handling and precise placement within the cavity, ensuring a proper adaptation to the tooth structure. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for minimal invasive dentistry, as it enables the preservation of healthy tooth structure while still achieving reliable and durable restorations.


  • For small cavities in anterior and posterior teeth.
  • Suitable for use as a base/liner under Class I and II restorations.
  • It can be used to block out undercuts and restore Class V preps.


  • Reduces the risk of salivary contamination.
  • Ideal flowability.
  • For minimal invasion.
  • Long-term fluoride release.
  • Easy handling.
  • High surface hardness.
  • It is a universal compomer restorative material with flow characteristics which make it ideal for small cavities in anterior and posterior teeth.
  • Adapts to the cavity walls without the use of hand instruments.
  • Dyract flow is delivered in small syringes for direct intraoral application.
  • It provides more restoration-protecting fluoride than conventional composite flowable.
  • Balance between extrusion and application.
  • It retains shape and does not spill over.
  • Non-rinse procedure.
  • Low net volumetric shrinkage for exceptional marginal integrity
  • Exceptional flexural modulus and high elasticity as well as optimal opacity for natural esthetics.



Composite Type

Flowable compomer

  • 2 x 1.8gm Syringes


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Dentsply Dyract Flow A2, Dentsply Dyract Flow A3, Dentsply Dyract Flow B1

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