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COLTENE Adhesive is a universal adhesive for silicone-based dental impression materials and serves as an adhesive bonding agent between the impression material and the impression tray. Separation of the impression material during removal from the mouth can therefore be prevented.

A thin layer of COLTENE Adhesive serves as an adhesive between the impression material and the impression tray. It prevents the impression material from detaching from the impression tray during removal.


  • Fast setting
  • Easy application
  • Ensures adhesion of VPS impression material to the tray.
  • Specially useful in custom (special) trays, where mechanical retention by way of perforations is minimal.
  • Paint on type.

Key specifications

Composition :

  • Main component: Polysiloxane

Shelf life and storage :

COLTENE Adhesive fulfils the intended purpose at least until the expiry date, which is displayed on the containers, in a well-sealed bottle at a temperature of 15 – 23 °C / 59 – 73 °F and 50 % relative air humidity. Shelf life after first opening 3 months.

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