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CD13 / Automatic Record System. Chemical Indicator, double self-adhesive label printed with reactive ink for Ethylene Oxide sterilization processes.

Chemdye® CD13 chemical indicator has been specially developed to control Ethylene Oxide sterilization processes. It consists of a double self-adhesive substrate of 29 x 22.5 mm printed with a highly sensitive innovative ink that turns from light blue to green when exposed to Ethylene Oxide.

Its automated record system allows to control the cycle by identifying the load, the sterilization date and, eventually, the sterilizer (in case of having more than one). Its self-adhesive properties offer the possibility of sticking it onto the load or any other material to be sterilized. Chemdye® CD13 chemical indicator has been specially designed to adhere onto non-woven wrappings, medical grade paper, polyester and polypropylene.

Chemdye® CD13 chemical indicators can be used either with or without Chemdye® CG3 Labeler. Using them with Chemdye® CG3 Labeler enables not only to speed-up the process of placing them onto the surfaces but to record important information related to the sterilization process.

Instructions for use

1. Peel off Chemdye® CD13 chemical indicator from the roll and stick it onto the package to be controlled.

2. Run a normal sterilization process.

3. Once the process has finished, open the sterilizer door, wait five minutes and remove the load. CAUTION: wear safety glasses and gloves when removing the sterilized package.

4.Check the final color reached by Chemdye® CD13 chemical indicator. A green final color proves the chemical indicator has been exposed to Ethylene Oxide. IMPORTANT: this color change does not fully evidence the process effectiveness to achieve sterility. If the final color does not change, check the sterilization process.


1 Roll x 750,12 rolls x 750


Additional information

Weight0.250 kg

12 Roll, 1 Roll

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CD13 - Self-adhesive label indicator for automatic labeler for EtO


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